Get More Clients Saying Yes!

The 8 week online programme to getting more clients saying "yes please!"
- without feeling pushy or compromising who you are.

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Who this is for:

Catherine-Watkin3If you are a coach, consultant, mentor, trainer, therapist, healer, health practitioner, virtual assistant, accountant or any other service based or healing business then this course was designed for you.

It’s been designed specifically for people who are in business to make a difference or create a transformation for others, because the traditional sales approach based on “closing”, “objection handling” and manipulation simply doesn’t work for this type of business – your business relationships need to be based openness and trust from the very start.

The course is primarily about teaching you how to have sales conversations that feel totally authentic and comfortable – and end with your ideal clients saying “Yes please!” to working with you – but only if it’s right for both of you.  However, in order for that to happen a number of other key foundational pieces need to be in place.  And so this course goes well beyond the sales process to help you get clarity on who you serve, how you serve them and how you communicate that so that your ideal clients are eager to find out more.

Over the course of the 8 weeks you will explore and overcome your own internal blocks around money and sales, learn to clearly articulate what you do so that people really “get” the value of your work, get absolute clarity about your pricing and packages, know how to comfortably invite people into a conversation about working with you (no more wondering whether you should be “following up”) and learn how to take them through a sales conversation that feels smooth and seamless and where you offer your service with confidence. And leave them feeling really excited about working with you! All while remaining true to your values and to yourself.

Why I do this

After a 20+ year career working in sales (always with integrity) I eventually retrained as a nutritional therapist, NLP practitioner, hypnotherapist, coach and yoga teacher.  And I quickly saw how many of my peers were struggling to get clients despite having amazing skills and gifts for helping others.  This prompted me to start teaching others to sell in the same authentic and natural way that I do and the Get More Clients Saying Yes! programme was born.   Over the past 4 years I’ve helped more than 300 heart-centred business owners get more clients saying “Yes please!” as a result of doing this programme.  I’d love to do the same for you.

What's Included:

8 modules of comprehensive training delivered via an online training format

  • 1

    Crafting your Captivating Introduction

    Never again feel stuck and stumble over your words when someone asks you what you do. After this module you will be able to clearly and powerfully articulate what you do in such a way that your ideal client will hear you loud and clear and want to know more.

  • 2

    Sales is Not a Dirty Word

    In this module we explore your attitudes and beliefs around sales, as well as your relationship with money (a big block to sales for many people). By the end of this module you will feel entirely comfortable and congruent about confidently encouraging a potential client to commit to working with you – IF you know that working with you is the right thing for them.

  • 3

    Setting up your Sales Process

    This module puts YOU back in control of your business and frees you from the roller coaster of starting each month not knowing where the money is coming from. It will give you a system for measuring how effective your sales conversations are and enable you to plan your marketing activity each month to give you the target number of clients that you need.

  • 4

    The “7 Steps to Yes!” System

    The “7 Steps to Yes!” is the core of the programme. It gives you a structure to follow so that you no longer feel lost or awkward during your sales conversations. But don’t worry, this isn’t about following scripts that make you feel clumsy – it’s about a system within which you can be fully authentically you yet feel confident in knowing how to guide a client to make the right decision for them about whether to work with you.

  • 5

    Crafting your Compelling Solution

    This is Step 6 of the “7 Steps to Yes!” and we spend a whole module exploring this step more deeply. When you understand the principles behind this step you will know how to communicate what you do and tailor your offer so that your ideal client can clearly see that you are the solution to their problem. Say goodbye to those frustrating times when you know how badly a client needs your help yet somehow you fail to communicate to them and they go elsewhere – or worse still, fail to get help at all.

  • 6

    Value, Pricing and Packaging

    Understand why selling your services by the hour isn’t serving your client or for you, and, in this very practical module you will learn how to structure your service into an offer that is irresistible for the client. I also help you get in touch with the true value that you offer a client (this is not the same as what you are worth) – this section is so powerful that most of my clients put their prices up following this module. In this module we also explore how to find the right price – the price that is right for you and your ideal client, that supports your financial goals, yet also feels entirely congruent to you.

  • 7

    Handling Concerns Elegantly

    By the end of this module you will no longer end the conversation when a client says “I can’t afford it” or “I need to think about it”. In fact your ideal clients will thank you for guiding them past these areas of resistance. This module will also mean that you are never again left hanging not knowing if a client is interested or not.

  • 8

    Selling in the Real World

    The course also covers a number of important related topics including how to go from meeting someone at a networking (or other!) event, to having them become a client naturally - includes how and when to take payment from your client, how and when to use guarantees – and so much more!

Also Included:

  • Recording of all modules – lifetime access
  • Templates and example questions to use for yourself
  • Recordings of demonstration sales conversations
  • Private Facebook Community

Going on Catherine’s course was the best investment I’ve ever made in my business and the best remote course I’ve been on. I particularly liked the way it takes you through every detail you need (including stuff around money and creating a programme), nothing is thrown in just to bulk up the course – everything is useful and relevant. It has made a huge difference to my confidence and paid for itself several times over. Thank you for your support and your programme.

<b>Jane A Bennett</b><br/>Coach
Jane A Bennett

How it works:

  • You get one 90 minute module delivered each week for 8 weeks – starting today
  • All you need to do is schedule 90 minutes a week to watch the module
  • I’m also available to support you via the Private Facebook Group
  • I'd really encourage you to join me with the intention of making back your investment in the programme within the 8 week period – then you’ve got these skills for the lifetime of your business!

Get your place in
one simple payment:

JOIN NOW: £995

(+ VAT if applicable)

OR pay by

JOIN NOW: 4 x £275

(+ VAT if applicable)

What some of my previous programme participants have to say...

Catherine's 'Get More Clients Saying Yes!' course was exactly the right thing for me at the point I was at in my business. I was undervaluing my services and struggling with confidence - the decision to pay the course fee was a huge event for me.

What I gained from the course went so far beyond what I paid for it: I made more than the fee back during the duration of the course, achieving my highest selling month to date. And I was able to set a price for my package that was a truer reflection of the value of my service (around ten times what I was initially charging).

I now have a plan for my business that feels exciting, and I have set my sights so much higher than I would have imagined doing even three months ago. Each module of the course is packed full of high quality, relevant content and I would recommend it to everyone with a heart-centred business! For me it has been utterly transformational, and I'm so glad I decided to say yes.

<b>Jessica Fearnley</b><br/>Small Business Consultant
Jessica Fearnley
Small Business Consultant

When I decided to do this course, I couldn’t really afford it, but I dug in to my savings believing it would be a good investment. Catherine’s “You’ll make the money back by the end of the eight weeks” sold it to me. And I did! I sold my first ever coaching package after the 6th week and as she says on the front page of her website, once I knew how, it was almost effortless.

I followed the process, and by the time it got to the price the client was really excited about working with me and didn’t hesitate in saying yes. She felt great, I felt great, and it filled me with confidence that I’ll be able to do this process again and again.

I’ve become an evangelist for Catherine’s course and her methods - I think everyone who works in a heart-centred business needs this training!

<b>Andy Hix</b><br/>Mindfulness Consultant
Andy Hix
Mindfulness Consultant

I thought twice about signing up for the course because of the cost, but I quickly realised it was worth every penny and more. I learnt so much and hadn't realised that sales could be done in such a comfortable way. I already notice a difference when speaking to people how much more receptive they are to what I do.

<b>Hazel Bate</b><br/>Faster EFT Practitioner & Stress Management
Hazel Bate
Faster EFT Practitioner & Stress Management

To describe this as a sales course is misleading, it is so much more than the title.  Catherine gives tons of content and detail. In the first few weeks I signed up two new clients and even got a new client through one of my practice calls which I really didn’t expect – so I made back my investment and more well before the 8 weeks was up!

I am so much more confident and clear on my programmes and pricing, on how to talk about what I do and the value I bring – the journey going forward feels exciting!

Thank you Catherine, truly awesome!

<b>Judith Rayner</b><br/>Walk & Talk 4 Success
Judith Rayner
Walk & Talk 4 Success

I went from selling single sessions, struggling with my cash flow and dipping into savings to get by, to selling packages for more than I believed was possible.

It has allowed me to manage the number of clients I work with in a year so I have better cash flow.  I’ve also got more committed wonderful clients and more personal time.  I’m thrilled with my decision

<b>Annette Self</b><br/>Hypnotherapist
Annette Self

Yipee, this stuff works! For the first time I practiced the 7 steps conversation today and signed up an ideal client for my programme. I’m over the moon!! It felt so smooth and easy on both ends and I am deeply grateful to you Catherine for everything you’ve taught us.

<b>Franziska Birke</b><br/>Coach and Inspirer
Franziska Birke
Coach and Inspirer

To be completely honest, before working with Catherine I was doubtful she could teach me anything I hadn’t learned before. On previous courses I felt I had been through a sausage machine, with standard information being churned in a standard format. How wrong I was! ‘ Heart-Centred’ doesn’t just describe her business, it describes Catherine. Her passion shines through, and I learned so much during the 8 week course. I really felt that Catherine cared about me as a person, and that my success was important to her.  I have made positive changes in my business including deciding to specialise in relationships and am laser focused now. And yes Catherine you were so right when you said to me recently “I told you so!”. If you are considering working with Catherine – I would say, take the leap of faith. You won’t regret it.

<b>Wendy Capewell</b><br/>The Relationship Specialist
Wendy Capewell
The Relationship Specialist

Before I did the ‘Get More Clients Saying Yes!’ course my sales conversations were icky and awkward (and not very successful).

Doing this course has completely transformed my feelings and beliefs around sales! - I now see sales as an essential part of my ‘giving’ to my potential clients, and it feels much more natural and congruent, and definitely not ‘icky’ anymore. (I’m amazed, and can hardly believe the transformation myself!)

I even got two paying clients from my ‘practice’ sessions, (which paid me back the course fee twice over) so this stuff definitely works!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course, and Catherine - just buy it - it will be the best thing you ever did!

<b>Ann Brown</b><br/>Business Flow Coach
Ann Brown
Business Flow Coach

I am a personal trainer and took Catherine's course as I'd procrastinated for years about launching a new business idea. I realised I had a lot of personal doubts which stopped me creating a profitable business. The Get More Clients Saying Yes! programme was fantastic on so many levels.  I became part of a community that proved I wasn't alone in my fear of sales and it gave me confidence to ask my questions as I felt so safe and supported. This alone was worth more than the cost of the programme. The programme not only taught me how to sell, but also removed my own money blocks and fears that had stopped me for so long. I am so excited to finally launch my coaching business. Thank you Catherine for a wonderfully informative, enjoyable and powerful course, I am finally doing what I was born to do. I encourage anyone who is struggling to launch or grow their business to do this programme.

<b>Fiona Heart</b><br/>Author, Speaker & Wellness Coach
Fiona Heart
Author, Speaker & Wellness Coach

Get your place in
one simple payment:

JOIN NOW: £995

(+ VAT if applicable)

OR pay by

JOIN NOW: 4 x £275

(+ VAT if applicable)

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is very important to me that I give great value through my programmes.   So if, having completed the modules you don’t feel you have had value for money just email me at within 8 weeks of receiving access and I will refund you in full.  This very rarely happens but I want you to know it's there, so you can sign up safely!


I don’t have a niche, and I feel confused about my target market , am I ready for this course? +

What I've observed (this was my personal experience too) is that putting too much emphasis on finding a niche too early can be a real setback for a new business.  I do talk about niching within the course, and will help you get clarity about your “ideal client” but you don’t have to have a niche or be clear on a target market in order to get results from the course.   In fact, doing this course can be a great way to explore different niches and see which feels like a good fit – in a "playful" way.    Many previous students have actually found their niche in the process of putting the course into action!

What if I don’t have a website or online presence, can this course still help me? +

Yes most definitely.   You don’t need a website or online presence to get paying clients.   Sometimes believing you need a website first can hold you back from getting started.  I will be encouraging you to go out and get paying clients as your main priority – the website can come later when you are clearer about your message and who you serve (which we’ll be covering in the course), and have more spare cash to invest in one.

I don’t have an email list, can this course still help me get clients? +

Absolutely! You don’t need an email list to get paying clients – you just need to know how to communicate what you do in a way that attracts people to want to find out more, and know how to guide them into a comfortable supportive sales conversation.   I believe that learning how to sell should be the first step on your business journey because no matter what stage you are at you will always need to be able to attract and enrol paying clients.   This isn’t to say that building an email list isn’t important, but you don’t have to wait to have one before you work with clients.

What if I sell to Companies or Organisations rather than individuals? +

The course was originally designed for selling to individuals.  However my own background prior to retraining as a coach & health practitioner was in corporate sales, and what I teach is equally applicable to selling to companies, with a few tweaks.  If you sell to companies then I will include an additional (unadvertised) bonus for you.  This is a 2 hour module on Selling to Companies which will help you to adapt what you learn in the course to selling to organisations.   Also, because my own corporate background is in selling to large companies and non-profits I am well placed to support you with this via the Q&A calls.

What if I sell Products rather than Services? +

This course has been designed for selling services and individual or group programmes, rather than physical products.   While I do have students go through the programme who sell products, you may feel that many of the examples I share don’t relate directly to you.  Ultimately, if you sell products to individuals or small business owners and have had no prior sales training, or had sales training that feels icky and uncomfortable then you will undoubtedly benefit from this course.  If you are selling products wholesale to large retailers this is probably not the best course for you as that is not my personal area of expertise.

I do all of my selling online, will this course help me? +

There are many variations of online businesses, and plenty use the approaches we are talking about here. However, if you sell online only via sales pages and e-commerce sites then that isn't covered here (this is not a copywriting course). Having said that, most online businesses have a few more strands to their picture:

So, if you sell online via webinar (or are interested in doing so), or if you ever speak to anyone before they buy, or if you can just see that you’d benefit from being able to go from a conversation with someone to them buying what you have to offer, then what you learn in this course will be invaluable to you.

What if I don’t have time to keep up with the programme? +

First of all, let me reassure you that there no such thing as “falling behind” when learning these skills.   It is better to learn how to get clients in a way that feels totally comfortable authentic over 4 months than never learn it at all.    Many students to do the course at their own pace and you have lifetime access to the course modules so you can take as long as you like.   What I also often see is business owners being very busy doing activity that doesn’t bring results or is ineffective, and generally being quite scattered.

What you will learn through this course is that getting clients is a lot less complicated than you might have come to believe, and you can stop wasting time on things that are not working.  Just imagine if you were confident you knew how to hit your financial goals each month through following a simple system, and knew which activities netted you the best results - how much time that could save!

Can I do the course over less than 8 weeks? +

I love that you are impatient to learn these skills!  However the course has been designed over 8 weeks for a reason.  It's designed so that you learn in stages and have time to implement what you learn in between modules before learning the next piece.  The course builds on itself and this is how you will get the best results.   If you watch the modules in quick succession without taking the action to apply them you will gain a lot of theoretical knowledge and it will definitely make a difference to your business, but you may not see the really powerful results that are possible from following the programme as it’s designed.   For this reason I recommend you follow the programme over the 8 week syllabus, including putting it into practice as you go.  However, it’s your course!  So if you would like to receive “Fast Track” access we can release all the modules to you in one go.  Just let us know at  (Note:  Fast Track access is only available to you if you have chosen the full payment option).

I’d love to do the course, I just can’t afford it at the moment +

This is always such a difficult one for me, because I do know how it feels to have no spare cash and feel worried about committing to something with no guarantee of what the outcome will be.  What I will say is that if you are in business for yourself and you are not getting all the clients you need for it to be viable and profitable, or are dipping into savings to survive, then your business isn’t working and something needs to change.  So often we simply don’t know what we don’t know and it can be the smallest things that make all the difference.  If this feels like a stretch financially then remember that I do offer an 8 week satisfaction guarantee so if by the end of the 8 weeks you can’t see how this course will pay for itself I will refund you (but I do ask that you watch the modules and participate in the course).

I think I’ll go and see how it goes on my own for a bit longer and maybe come and join you next year instead, what do you think? +

Honestly – here’s what I think:  In my experience we often simply don’t know what we don’t know.  If you are not getting the clients that you need regularly enough and they are not paying you enough for your business to be viable and profitable then there is probably something important that you haven’t learned and implemented yet.  And in my own personal experience the extra insights and skills are not going to come without further training.

If you know that you need these skills then I would encourage you to take a leap of faith and join me.   If it turns out you think I was wrong to give you this advice and you don’t learn anything new that transforms your business just let me know before 30th November and I will refund you in full (but I do ask that you watch the modules and participate in the course).

Still not sure? Book a call... +

If you are still not sure if joining this programme is right for you then and you’ve got further questions then  click here to book a 10 minute clarity call, and I’ll be happy to help you (I always give my honest opinion). However if you feel called to this then you know what to do: click the button below and let’s book you on here!

Next steps: once your payment has been received a confirmation email plus full course info will be sent out to you. (If you have any questions or issues when making your payment please contact me at: or 0208 720 6455).

I look forward to seeing you inside the Private Facebook Group!