Get More Clients Saying "YES!"

The 8 week online programme to getting more clients saying "Yes Please!" - without being pushy, manipulative or in any way compromising your values

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Get More Clients Saying Yes!

Read these testimonials for the Get More Clients Saying Yes! course

Read below for testimonials from brilliant heart-centred business owners who have taken the Get More Clients Saying Yes! course.  By applying what they learned in the course they quickly started seeing results - both in increased sales and the confidence to charge what they are worth.

Read more about how the Get More Clients Saying Yes! Course has improved their businesses below:

Emma Taggart

Emma Taggart

Leadership Coach for Introverts

This course has proved its worth many times over – I wish I’d done it years ago. Quite simply, Catherine’s 7 Steps to Yes structure works. Catherine has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and shares it generously. Her insights and suggestions about how to sell in a way that feels comfortable for both the seller and the customer have helped me get more clients. They have also enabled me to set and ask for a price that reflects the value of my service. 

I’m fully booked with one-to-one clients now – thank you for all your help in getting my business to this point. These days I can do a sales conversation with ease and rarely have to get into the money conversation.

Jessica Fearnley

Jessica Fearnley

Small Business Consultant

Catherine's 'Get More Clients Saying Yes!' course was exactly the right thing for me at the point I was at in my business. I was undervaluing my services and struggling with confidence - so the decision to pay the course fee was a huge event for me.

What I gained from the course went so far beyond what I paid for it: I made more than the fee back during the duration of the course, achieving my highest selling month to date. And I was able to set a price for my package that was a truer reflection of the value of my service (around ten times what I was initially charging).

I now have a plan for my business that feels exciting, and I have set my sights so much higher than I would have imagined doing even three months ago. Each module of the course is packed full of high quality, relevant content and I would recommend it to everyone with a heart-centred business! For me it has been utterly transformational, and I'm so glad I decided to say yes.

Sally Heady

Sally Heady

Mindset Coach & Cognitive Hypnotherapist

At the beginning I was confused about how to structure my offerings and to best serve my clients. I also wanted to feel more comfortable with the sales process.

During the 8 week course I signed up 3 clients to my 3-month programme and felt much more confident doing so than I ever had before. This course has really helped me to get clear about how I want to help my ideal client and I know both me and my clients have benefited from it. Thank you Catherine.

Monica Douglas

Monica Douglas

Relationship & Love Alchemist - Delightful Dating
Before I did the course, I had been selling low price programmes and was burning out serving many people but not receiving the revenue that matched the quality of my services and the energy that I was putting in.
I now feel confident selling high-ticket programmes and retreats at al level of pricing that feels right for me. I have a sales process that feels like I am valuing myself and my work and as a result I’m doing work I never would have been able to do if I had not completed this training.
Mary Waring

Mary Waring

Financial Advisor for Women

At the end of last week I had 2 meetings with brand new clients and today both have said “Yes”. 100% success rate so far. Yippee! And of course, the lovely thing is it “felt” right.  Both clients are delighted with what they’re getting and I’m delighted that I gave them what they needed without using any tacky sales technique.

Denyse Whillier

Denyse Whillier

Strategic Business Consultant

In a relatively short period of time, I overcame my fear of selling and the process now feels effortless, comfortable and (I'm happy to discover) even enjoyable! 

As a result of what I learned on this course, I became fully booked and started a waitlist before I even had a website!


Andy Hix

Mindfulness Consultant

When I decided to do this course, I couldn’t really afford it, but I dug in to my savings believing it would be a good investment. Catherine’s “You’ll make the money back by the end of the eight weeks” sold it to me. And I did! I sold my first ever coaching package after the 6th week and as she says on the front page of her website, once I knew how, it was almost effortless.

I’ve become an evangelist for Catherine’s course and her methods - I think everyone who works in a heart-centred business needs this training!

Helen Turier

Helen Turier


Catherine has shown me how selling is a positive experience not an overwhelming business challenge.  Her 7 Steps to Yes System has helped me effectively get more clients than any other sales system I had tried. My fears and worries about consulting with potential clients are a thing of the past.

Now I follow her system and feel comfortable, authentic and articulate when I talk to my clients and help them to understand how working with me can help them. This is no pushy sales programme, this is genuinely selling from the heart.

Winnie Sher

Winnie Sher

Authentic Expression Coach

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for teaching me that sales is not a dirty word and that sales is enjoyable when I feel good about it, i.e. when I’m coming from my heart, instead of the traditional manipulative techniques. You gave me permission to grow my business at my own pace, to stay in my lane and not compare myself to others. Your teachings live on in my heart.

234 Helen Reynolds – Personal Brand Shoot 19Jan2022 @TheCarolaMoon

Helen Reynolds

Image Consultant

My mindset around sales has changed so much. I went from dreading sales to realising that I get a real thrill from meeting new clients and knowing I can help them. I love sales conversations so much now that I changed my business strategy so that I could have more of them!

After doing the course, I ran a live workshop for the first time during which I made an offer - and over 25% of people bought from me! It filled my diary for the next couple of months and I made more money on that one day than I’d ever made in a month. Knowing how to sell authentically was crucial to the success of my workshop.

Since doing the course my conversion rate is around 80%, which has made me so much more confident and I honestly enjoy selling now. Not something I ever thought I’d say!

Screenshot 2022-10-10 at 17.13.16

Julie Showering

Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist

"OMG just had my first initial Consultation following your system, and offering my newly designed package.

My potential client has only gone and signed up!

Thank you, Catherine Watkin, I love you!"

Lucille Roache

Lucille Roache

Business Startup Coach

Before signing up to Get More Clients Saying Yes! I was a little bit scared of the whole sales process. The strategies and the framework that Catherine shared made me more confident in my abilities. I now view sales as an opportunity to genuinely help people and bring more awareness to the services I offer. This course is such great value for money and the Q&A calls really help to pull everything together.

If you're struggling with sales and you want to be more authentic in your approach, then I'd highly recommend this programme.  

Tiia Minaya

Tiia Minaya

Mindfulness & TRE Instructor

With the framework and guidelines from the course I got 8 yes's from 13 calls in just 2 weeks, during the course itself. What's more, this was the first time I'd ever done these 121 sales conversations, and my first time selling a premium coaching programme. I'm delighted with this outcome - and that the course paid for itself many times over!  But what is even more important, is that I finally have the words to describe with confidence what I do and what value I can offer to my clients.

Sarah Liddle

Sarah Liddle

Virtual Assistant

As far as I was concerned before taking the Get More Clients Saying Yes Course! I could not sell - I didn't want to be like a used car salesman or the man who came to sell us a heating system and wouldn't leave! 

The course was a total immersion into selling authentically - and so much more. The techniques I learned felt right. I signed up a new client for a new website project before the end of the course using the strategies I learned, and it didn't feel like an awkward process at all.

Pip Evan-Cook

Pip Evan-Cook

The Marketing Architect

Before I did this course I was nervous, hesitant and downright off-putting to potential clients! I hated having sales conversations and I had a terrible fear of discussing my prices as I felt awkward about whether I was charging too much or too little for my services.

I nearly didn’t buy the course because it seemed like a huge time commitment out of my part-time working week. I’m so glad that I did because now I have a very clear understanding of how to pitch myself to potential clients, take the lead in sales conversations, clearly state my price (with no embarrassment), what to say during sales conversations, and more importantly which questions to ask.

To anyone pondering whether to join – do it!

Judith Rayner

Judith Rayner

Walk & Talk 4 Success

To describe this as a sales course is misleading, it is so much more than the title. Catherine gives tons of content and detail. In the first few weeks I signed up two new clients and even got a new client through one of my practice calls which I really didn’t expect – so I made back my investment and more well before the 8 weeks was up!

I am so much more confident and clear on my programmes and pricing, on how to talk about what I do and the value I bring – the journey going forward feels exciting!  Thank you Catherine, truly awesome!


Wendy Capewell

The Relationship Specialist

To be completely honest, before working with Catherine I was doubtful she could teach me anything I hadn’t learned before. On previous courses I felt I had been through a sausage machine, with standard information being churned in a standard format. How wrong I was!

‘Heart-Centred’ doesn’t just describe her business, it describes Catherine. Her passion shines through, and I learned so much during the 8 week course. I really felt that Catherine cared about me as a person, and that my success was important to her.

I have made positive changes in my business including deciding to specialise in relationships and am laser focused now.

If you are considering working with Catherine – I would say, take the leap of faith. You won’t regret it.

Kanan Tekchandani

Kanan Tekchandani

Holistic Coach for Neurodivergent Adults

Before doing the course, I was at the start of setting up my business and I didn’t really know what “sales” even meant! My own lack of clarity meant it was very hard to convey my value in a concrete way. The course gave me self-confidence and a framework to follow which meant that sales calls started to feel more comfortable and in flow.

This led to more clients, great results for those clients and increased confidence in my pricing. As a result, I’ve managed to consistently hit my financial goals for the last 2 years and now my typical revenue varies between £2.5k up to £8k per month.

Lara Samuels

Lara Samuels

Marketing Consultant

I wasn't completely convinced about how well an online course could work for this sort of thing.... but I'm happy to say that my cynicism was unfounded!!  

  Within the past few weeks I can already attribute extra sales amounting to almost 6 times the investment I made in the course - if only all investments did quite so well!

Samantha Selby

Samantha Selby

The Astrological Energy Healer

Before doing this course sales was a dirty word for me, not even something that I wanted to do in my business. This course has transformed everything.

Now 90% of my sales conversations become clients. It’s easy and I actually enjoy it – it doesn’t even feel like selling. My business is unrecognisable as a result and I feel so much more confident about myself and that goes across every area of my life.

Sue Hall

Sue Hall

Parents Dyslexia Guide

During the course, I signed up my first customer. I was ready for the sales conversation and when it came it was actually very easy and not the scary daunting experience I would previously have expected it to be.

Catherine knows her subject inside out and willingly shares her knowledge and expertise to help her clients shine. I'd highly recommend this course.

Veronica Moreno cropped

Verónica Moreno

Energy Healer & Coach

I was seriously considering giving up and getting a ‘normal’ job. I felt like running a business was completely not for me, and it always felt inconsistent and confusing. Since doing the course, my income has been growing every month and I have gained a lot of clarity around my message and how to sell my services. What Catherine teaches is not the salesy, awful marketing strategies that I had learnt before and don’t resonate with. Now sales calls feel natural because I have a structure and I am ten times more confident than I used to be - and running my business is enjoyable!

Linda Anderson

Linda Anderson

EFT Practitioner & Mindset Magician

What a beautiful and empowering new way to look at sales. For me it was a huge relief to learn that it really is possible to sell from a place of integrity and authenticity.

Since doing Catherine’s course my conversion rate has been steadily increasing and now 3 out of 4 enquiries become clients. 

This has been hugely beneficial not only for my business, but also for the people who have been able to step into working with me, who previously would have missed out on the help that they needed.

Inger Madsen

Inger Madsen

Helping Families be Happy again

My biggest breakthrough as a result of doing the course was truly understanding the actual sales process. Truthfully, I had NO IDEA that there even was a process and I loved that what Catherine teaches wasn’t in the slightest bit “sleazy” or pushy. Another big difference has been understanding the psychology of different offers, and how to handle concerns that clients may have.

With the help of the course, I learned how I can clearly explain what I do in a way that helps me connect with clients and makes them want to know more – and helps them make the right decision for them. A few years later my business is consistently profitable and sustainable, bringing in between £5k – £10k per month.

Connie Diaz

Connie Diaz de Teran


Taking this course was one of the best decisions I made to put me on the right path. I was following the advice of too many "gurus" that proved to be a waste of time, all the while not getting any paying clients.

Catherine is all about getting paying clients first, which leads to confidence, which leads to stability. In this course, she teaches you how to do that. Now, I have the roadmap I need to build my business for the long haul. Thank you Catherine!

Althea Finch

Althea Finch

Pain-Free Specialist

I used to work in a clinic, working away for 8 hours each day, earning a max of £200 per week. I was exhausted. I was a single mum at the time and the course payment was a big stretch – but while I was doing the course I signed up my first 121 client ever! 

Now, I earn £3,000 from one client and I fund my and my two children’s lives on the proceeds of my business, doing what I love. I feel very proud of how far I’ve come.

Natasha Bailey

Natasha Bailey

Energy Worker and Therapeutic Healer

Having the sales conversation in an honest way was so important to me. With the help of the course, I was able to leave my paid job with the confidence that I know how to generate leads, sales and income. And just 2 months after leaving my paid job, I generated £4,000 in sales!

I now have the freedom to be my own boss, work the hours that I want and have more free time for creating new programmes for my customers.


Jane A Bennett


Going on Catherine's course was the best investment I've ever made in my business and the best remote course I've been on.

I particularly liked the way it takes you through every detail you need (including stuff around money and creating a programme), nothing is thrown in just to bulk up the course - everything is useful and relevant.

It has made a huge difference to my confidence and paid for itself several times over. Thank you for your support and your programme.

Hazel Bate

Hazel Bate

Faster EFT Practitioner & Stress Management

I thought twice about signing up for the course because of the cost, but I quickly realised it was worth every penny and more. I learnt so much and hadn't realised that sales could be done in such a comfortable way.

I already notice a difference when speaking to people how much more receptive they are to what I do.


Franziska Birke

Coach and Inspirer

Yipee, this stuff works! For the first time I practiced the 7 steps conversation today and signed up an ideal client for my programme.

I’m over the moon!! It felt so smooth and easy on both ends and I am deeply grateful to you Catherine for everything you’ve taught us.

ann brown

Ann Brown

Business Coach for Introverts

Doing this course has completely transformed my feelings and beliefs around sales! - I now see sales as an essential part of my ‘giving’ to my potential clients, and it feels much more natural and congruent, and definitely not ‘icky’ anymore. (I’m amazed, and can hardly believe the transformation myself!)

I even got two paying clients from my ‘practice’ sessions, (which paid me back the course fee twice over) so this stuff definitely works!

I can wholeheartedly recommend this course, and Catherine - just buy it - it will be the best thing you ever did!

Katie Duckworth

Katie Duckworth

Coach & Trainer for the Third Sector

I nearly didn't go ahead because I really couldn’t afford it.  It felt like a lot of money which I really couldn’t afford to waste.

But I'm so glad I did - in the very first sales conversation I sold my most expensive coaching package! (which I’d virtually given up on).

A few months later I took August off with my daughters knowing I was coming back to a full book of clients for the first time ever. I’ve just done my accounts for September and I seem to have earned five times what I normally earn in a month!

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